Welcome, I am humbled that an entrepreneur like yourself has found your way here! You have drive and passion for your mission which pushes you and challenges you to grow and strive from the moment you wake up until the time you go to bed. This speaks volumes to the impact YOU know you want to create on this planet and I love that!

 I can imagine that right now as an entrepreneur you are likely feeling the added pressure, chaos, overwhelm, anxiety and stress that is being felt energetically and collectively to step up and support humanity in a bigger & bolder way. But because you are human, you also carry the pressure from the many hats you need to wear whether it be as a parent, caregiver and maybe potentially having to work another job or career as you're building your business.

So I want to ask you, who are you when you show up to your business?

Do you feel like the overwhelmed, self sabotaging, self doubting, inner self critic and anxious entrepreneur is showing up more often than not?

Do you feel like every time you go to write content, make decisions, coach, make a sale, find new clients, take a new action step or implement your business strategy that suddenly your soul mission & business feels like a weight of bricks on your shoulders.

Being an entrepreneur is no small feat and being all things to all people while still being you is incredibly challenging but trust me when I say.. 

 We all have blind spots and areas of our mission, purpose & business that we just can’t see as clearly as we’d hope to which leads to that lack of clarity, overwhelm, stuck, anxiousness and the feelings of hopelessness in HOW it will all come together..


So to support you to step fully into your mission as an entrepreneur, my goal for our time together will be to support you in:


✧ Finding your authentic voice, inner authority and sweet spot as a leader in your business by tackling & taming that inner self critic, any self-sabotage and self-doubt patterns.

✧ Finding clarity on your why & your goals by addressing any emotional or mental blocks that you may have collected over time.

✧ Addressing time management issues & road blocks that keep you struggling, stuck and disconnected from the intuitive flow of your business.

✧ Addressing self-confidence & self-trust issues which stop you from having the ability to confidently make decisions and lead with a strong inner authority.

✧ Finding clarity on outdated patterns that are keeping your mind, body & soul struggling because the health of your human vessel will reflect the health of your business and resilience as a leader.

✧ Addressing the anxiety & overwhelm patterns so you can become the creator & community cultivator that you are.


Like you, I’ve worn many hats in my life which has made for a beautiful mosaic of experiences that has led me here today.

As your Intuitive Clarity Coach I will be drawing on my experiences ranging from; leading teams of employees & volunteers, my business management skills as an self employed Community Development Consultant or in spending many years working intimately with a variety of populations enhancing their quality of life and mental wellbeing as an advocate within the not for profit and Government sector. 

Over the years I recognized there was a part of me missing within my work and it was this aspect of knowing that as leaders in our businesses we are so much more than just a leader, we are energetic beings that are dynamic, complex and multi-layered souls. After a couple of years into my spiritual awakening my soul led me into the energy healing field where I completed my Integrative Energy Therapy levels 1 & 2 and I am a certified D-Codes practitioner. Having now worked with many souls as a 1-1 coach, I’ve been able to weave all of my worlds together so that I can help entrepreneurs like you reach your goals and create the impact you know you're meant to create.

Maigan Knight

My sessions with Samantha specifically helped me find the balance between spirit and the life I carry here on earth and how those two are able to coexist through the difficulties of healing. To have a neutral perspective in the form of a coach brings such comforting support to me during each session. Samantha held beautiful space by listening and honoruing the in-between while also making suggestions and providing guidance through the realms that can be a bit harder to understand. I really enjoyed the oracle & tarot readings at the end of each session, they always tie in perfectly! She makes me feel held, witnessed and reassured. 5 star review! 

We will be spending 60 mins together via Zoom and by the end of our session I promise you will leave:


✧ Feeling clear & setup for success with easy to implement ideas on how to intuitively care for your mind, body and soul so you can feel confident, grounded, calm and empowered to take the next steps in your business.

✧Leave with actionable steps & techniques to help you overcome the self-doubt, self-sabotage and inner critic when creating marketing content, selling your services and when you need to show up as the face of your business & brand.

✧ With a clearly defined why statement that gets at the impact you want to create & we will establish goals that will help you achieve your why impact statement.

✧ A strategy for managing your time that welcomes intuitive flow into your business while still helping you to hit your income goals.

✧ Easy to implement intuitive exercises that will help you make decisions with confidence in the moment

✧ Action next steps & exercises to help you build your confidence and self-trust.   

Pippa Moye

Samantha's insights were very accurate and enabled me to release some old issues. It was a really enjoyable session. Samantha is very easy to talk to and very understanding about sensitive issues. She helped me with some stuff that I have not been able to shift by myself. Highly recommended !!!

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The fine print

Sessions with me are 60 mins and take place via Zoom. If you need to reschedule your session, please refer to the rescheduling & cancellation policy located in your confirmation email.  

How to prepare

I know your time is valuable so if you feel called to, please write down any of your current challenges within your life, business,  mind, body and soul and bring them to your session so we can accomplish as much as we can during our time together.